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Farmer to Farmer Legal Series

Date and Time: April 2, 2024 10:30 am


Presenters: Amy E. Ebeling, Mykayla A. Dado, Eric R. Johnson

Ruder Ware and the Dairy Business Association are partnering to provide a series of informational events across the state. Non-DBA members are welcome to participate. There is no charge to attend, lunch will be provided. To register visit: Farmer to Farmer Legal Series – Dairy Business Association.

Topics covered:

The Time is Right for a Succession Plan
Presenters:  Attorneys Mykayla Dado & Amy Ebeling

In order to have a successful transition, the discussions need to start early. Now is a good time to take care of planning the future of your business. Farms are highly specialized businesses and with the addition of family, can have a highly charged emotional atmosphere that does not make ownership transfer easy. Employing succession planning can help you minimize future disagreements by minimizing surprises. As with any good process, the foundation for succession planning must be laid first. Attorneys Mykayla Dado and Amy Ebeling have worked with a number of farm families, assisting them with laying that foundation. This presentation is intended to open discussions between owners and potential successors.

Harvesting the Sun: Legal Tips for Landowners Considering Solar Projects
Presenter:  Attorney Eric Johnson

Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing sources of renewable energy in the world. It can provide clean, green, and affordable electricity for homes, businesses, and communities. But what does it mean for farmers who own land that could be used for solar projects? Attorney Eric Johnson will address questions that are top of mind for farmers:

1. What are the benefits and risks of solar leasing?

2. How do you negotiate a fair and favorable lease agreement?

3. What are the legal implications and obligations of leasing your land for solar?

4. What should you consider before signing?

Whether you have already been approached by a solar developer or are just curious about the opportunities and challenges of solar leasing, this seminar is intended to shine some light on the possibilities and pitfalls.

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