Worldwide Services


Going global? We can help. Ruder Ware is an independent member of Meritas, a global alliance of over 175 business law firms in almost 97 countries.

Founded as a nonprofit organization in 1990, Meritas was formed to provide its members with ready access to legal services in jurisdictions around the world. Through this affiliation, Ruder Ware has priority access to highly skilled attorneys in numerous global markets.

Meritas connects law firms in unfamiliar jurisdictions. Meritas member firms are prescreened and subject to a rigorous annual review and recertification process to ensure each member firm meets the organization’s stringent requirements. Through this association, Ruder Ware has resources throughout the United States and around the world to assist in the resolution of nearly any business or personal legal challenge.

Meritas maintains strict membership criteria to assure high levels of professional services and client satisfaction. In addition, members must adhere to a code of ethics which – in some jurisdictions – goes beyond local guidelines. Meritas also maintains a referral tracking and monitoring system to ensure that member and client needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. Because of these standards, Ruder Ware can confidently refer matters to other Meritas member firms for representation in locations in which it does not practice, knowing that each referral will receive prompt, professional service in a cost-efficient manner.