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Webinar: New Entity Filing Obligations – The Corporate Transparency Act Requirements Explained

Date and Time: May 22, 2024 10:00 am


This is a virtual event.

Presenters: Amy E. Ebeling, Jacob A. Schraeder, Lucas P. Sczygelski

Entities are now legally obligated to report beneficial owner information to the federal government under the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA). Since the CTA came into effect on January 1, 2024, individuals and businesses alike are grappling with the question: “Do I need to file?”

If you own any interest in an entity (corporation, LLC, or any other entity created by filing with a secretary of state’s office or similar office), this webinar will help you understand your obligations under the CTA. Join Amy Ebeling, Jake Schraeder, and Lucas Sczygelski on May 22 where they will provide clarity on reporting requirements and address the challenges with complying with the CTA requirements.

You should consider attending if any of the following scenarios apply to you.

    1. Family Cabin, Cottage, Hunting Shack, or Land. You own a family cabin, a cottage, a hunting shack, or other land with friends, family, or other owners in an LLC or other entity.
    2. Farm Ownership. You own your farm operation or farm real estate in an LLC or other entity.
    3. Business Ownership. You are an owner of a business where ownership is held through a corporation, LLC, or other entity.
    4. Investment Portfolio. You have investments in companies or other ventures organized as corporations, LLCs, or other entities.
    5. Real Estate Investments. You own rental properties, commercial buildings, or other real estate assets through an LLC or other entity.
    6. Startup Founder. You are a founder or co-founder of a startup company structured as a corporation, LLC, or other entity.
    7. Professional Service Provider. You are a lawyer, consultant, doctor, or other professional using an entity structure for your business.

Don’t miss this opportunity to demystify the CTA and ensure your compliance. This seminar is presented at no charge.

Learn more about Ruder Ware’s Corporate Transparency Act Focus Team.

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