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Local Government Seminar – Spring 2013


Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company, Wausau, WI

Presenters: Mary Ellen Schill, Tyler M. Richardson


  • Wisconsin Act 10: Where Are We and Where Are We Going (and When)? Local governments are anxiously awaiting the decision of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals on the constitutionality of Wisconsin Act 10. This presentation will give an update regarding the status of the litigation and discuss the decisions that need to be made by local government officials during this waiting period. This presentation will also discuss the impact of the recent federal court decision upholding the constitutionality of the various changes incorporated into Wisconsin Act 10.
  • Health Care Reform: Which Employees are Covered? Are You Going to Pay or Play? Local governments are anxiously awaiting further clarification of the feasibility of using health insurance exchanges (including the Small Business Health Option Program or “SHOP” in 2014. Some municipal employers are still unsure whether they are subject to the shared responsibility provisions in the Affordable Care Act. This presentation will address the current state of regulations and provide assistance to municipal employers to determine whether they are applicable to large employers for purposes of the pay or play mandate, and in considering health insurance exchanges and SHOP for their employees.
  • Public Records Law: Can You Keep Anything Confidential? Several recent decisions have clarified what types of records are considered public records that are subject to release under the Public Records Law. This presentation will discuss recent decisions and provide clarification of actions that must be taken by local governments to comply with the Public Records Law and the Open Meetings Law.
  • Disciplining Public Employees: Identifying the Boundaries and How to Avoid Crossing Them. School boards and local government boards are struggling with determining what standards are required to decide whether to terminate or non-renew an employee. Most municipal governments have eliminated the just cause standard for discipline and employee termination, but are looking for clarification of when an employee should be disciplined or terminated from employment. This presentation will address employee discipline in the new environment of limited collective bargaining and offer guidance to school officials and local government officials on dealing with employee performance, discipline and termination.

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