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Annual Employment, Benefits & Labor Relations Law Conference – Fall 2016


Westwood Conference Center
1800 Westwood Center Blvd
Wausau, WI  54401

Presenters: Mary Ellen Schill, Robert J. Reinertson, Sara J. Ackermann


8:00 a.m – Noon

Proposed DOL Overtime Rule Update: Is This Really Happening?
Attorney Sara Ackermann

Sara will give a brief summary of the Rule and provide an update regarding whether any pending legislation/litigation has affected the “go” date of December 1, 2016.

ACA and Wellness Program Update
Attorney Mary Ellen Schill

Mary Ellen will cover employee classification (FT vs. PT); ensuring insurance policies match employment policies and practice (i.e., definition of full-time employee is 30 hours by policy and in Plan Document); appropriate documentation of offer of coverage; how to handle mismatch notices, when employer and employee reporting don’t match; reporting and Disclosure Requirements Update – 2016 Tax Forms 1094 and 1095.  Mary Ellen will also provide a brief summary of the recent EEOC guidance and court decisions affecting employer health/wellness assessments.

Navigating Through the Changing World of Accommodations: Religious Observances, Military Service, LGBT Accommodations and Appearance Standards.
Attorneys Bryan Symes and Kevin Terry

This session will discuss employer obligations of accommodation and tolerance in the workplace and legal and best business practices employers need to evaluate in minimizing legal liability. The presentation will cover:

  • Religious accommodations and considerations in applicant processing.
  • Meeting needs and business expectations of LGBT individuals.
  • Military service and work time accommodations/work preservation rights.
  • Meeting federal and state law compliance obligations related to ADA and grooming and appearance standards.

What’s new with ADA and FMLA?
Attorney Sara Ackermann

Sara will cover recent decisions and hot topics in this complex and often frustrating area of the law.  Sara will have answers to FAQ’s like, “When can I deny intermittent leave?” How do I accommodate a service animal? Am I required to impose a “fragrance free ban?” How much leave should we offer after FMLA is exhausted? Can we ban “working from home”?   Bring your questions!

Why Should You Care About What the NLRB and OSHA Think of Employee Policies and Handbooks?
Attorneys Dean Dietrich and Bob Reinertson

The NLRB has issued a number of opinions that affect employment policies, sometimes in surprising ways.  Dean and Bob will discuss how and why employers should bring their employee handbooks and policies in line with those opinions. They will also report on the status of the new (and controversial) OSHA rules on injury reporting, drug testing policies, and workplace safety incentive programs.

Noon:  Lunch and Networking

During lunch, Attorney Russ Wilson will share what’s hot in worker’s compensation followed by a panel discussion of our attorneys who will invite attendees to ask questions.  Feel free to bring your “hypothetical” questions and try and stump the experts!

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