Medical Assistance & Long-term Care Planning

Medical Assistance & Long-term Care Planning

The uncertainty of what the future holds can be disturbing.  Planning for that uncertainty can be overwhelming and confusing without help to guide the way.

Despite hoping that we will never need to be admitted to an assisted living facility or a nursing home, sometimes our choices are limited.  Not only is the choice emotional, but financial implications can make the transition even more difficult.

Few people are prepared to absorb the costs of long-term care.  Paying for assisted living and nursing home care for an extended period of time can deplete hard earned savings, leaving few options for a spouse who is still living at home or for family who is trying to respect their loved one’s wishes.

Ruder Ware’s team of elder law attorneys understand it takes a lifetime to grow your assets, and they are prepared to help you navigate the long-term care maze. Our attorneys skillfully guide clients—whether it’s children of elderly parents, individuals, or couples—with empathy and respect through this complicated process.  They’re armed with creative solutions intended to ease minds and hearts.

  1. Pre-Planning – Are you hoping to protect your assets and home to avoid it all being used to pay for your long-term care someday?

When our clients are considering pre-planning, often the questions at the top of their minds include:

      • Can I protect my house from a nursing home lien?
      • Who is eligible for Medicaid/Medical Assistance?
      • Is it too late to start planning?
      • Will a trust protect my assets?
      • Can I get help to pay for assisted living?
  1. Crisis Planning – Have you or a loved one recently been admitted to a nursing home or assisted living facility?

When a move into an assisted living or a nursing home has occurred or is imminent, some of the questions our clients have are:

      • What do I do if a loved one has been recently admitted to a nursing home or assisted living facility?
      • Will my savings be enough to pay for my care?
      • Do I need to spend-down to $2,000 to qualify for Medicaid?
      • What do I do when my inheritance or the sale of my house puts my Medicaid at risk?
      • Where do I start?

Our team has worked with countless clients to address these issues as well as related issues

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Wisconsin Acts to Protect Seniors

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On Friday, August 6, 2021, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed into law six new laws for Wisconsin. One of the new laws, addresses five key issues regarding the elderly.  They are: Increased penalties for crimes committed against an elderly individual. Increased the penalty for the sexual assault of an elderly individual. Creates a crime of […]

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The Wisconsin Department of Health Services recently announced the “minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance” (“MMMNA”) will be increased from $2,873.34 to $2,903.34 starting on July 1, 2021.  As part of laws designed to prevent spousal impoverishment due to the high cost of long-term care, the “community spouse” (who is the spouse of an individual receiving […]

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UPDATE: Our July 28, 2020, post informed you that the Wisconsin Medicaid divisor would remain unchanged in 2020. As we enter 2021, the Medicaid divisor will now be changed as follows. These changes are effective as of January 1, 2021. New daily average divisor = $303.38 New monthly average divisor = $9,227.81 If you have […]

CMS Releases Key Medicare Figures for 2021

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Every year before July 1st, Wisconsin publishes an updated Medicaid divisor to be in effect starting on July 1st of that year until June 30th of the next year.  This year, Wisconsin has not yet updated its Medicaid divisor due to COVID-19 pandemic.  At this point in time, there is no official guidance as to […]

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