Children’s Museum of Eau Claire

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The Children’s Museum of Eau Claire (CMEC) is an interactive environment for kids and their grown-ups that inspires imagination, creativity, discovery and the love of learning. A favorite destination for families in the Chippewa Valley, the Children’s Museum offers non-traditional learning opportunities that help kids of all ages SEE, TOUCH, LEARN and GROW their way through important developmental milestones.  Their mission is simple, to inspire children and grown-ups to learn through play.

Although formal academics and structured activities are important, research shows that child-directed play is critical for healthy emotional, cognitive and social development. In other words, it might look like a child is “just playing,” but under the surface she is actually solving problems, learning language, developing empathy and strengthening self-regulation.

On July 28, 2020 CMEC announced they’d made the decision to close their doors indefinitely effective August 1, 2020, due to decreased revenue arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Although closed to the public, CMEC staff continues to work tirelessly towards finalizing plans for CMEC’s new, expanded museum in downtown Eau Claire.  We remain a long-standing, proud supporter of this organization and look forward to working with them again, once they reopen.